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Jacques van Poppel [Netherlands]

Jane Jin Kaisen [Denmark]


“Transmigration” involves various genres of performance art from conceptual and fluxus inspired performance strategies to lecture performance, live art, theatrical performance, and media integrated /
new media art performance.
The performance involves live performing, audio and video projection, Internet live streaming, and
audience participation in several locations simultaneously (Jakarta, New York, Amsterdam, perhaps
The intention is to integrate more “traditional” performance art practices drawing upon the ritualistic
elements of repetition, symbol, staging, and audience participations while at the same time integrating new
media art forms such as projection and Internet live streaming to question and complicate issues dealing
with presence / absence and documentation in relation performance art.

Performance Description:
Trans•mi•gra•tion [Trans-migration]
Drawing upon definitions of transmigration, the performance conceptually seeks to explore the
phenomenon of migration in social, historical, trans local, and universal contexts. The title of the
performance festival, “Birds Migration” as well as the theme “History and Today” and reflections on the
status of performance art is investigated in the performance.
Transmigration refers to The Transmigration Project in Indonesia and seeks to convey the after effects of
this, the world’s largest resettlement project and how it has deeply effected present day Indonesian society
demographically, environmentally, economically, and politically. The Transmigration Project can be seen
as a symbol for many of the major incidences and circumstances shaping recent Indonesian history and
present society: Dutch colonization, dictatorship, nation building, the IMF and World Bank, as well as
internal ethnic and religious unrest.
In addition, the term transmigration refers to the Transmigration of the Soul and the human desire to fly
and to transcend, thus commenting on forced as well as voluntary migration and the after effects of both in
present day society.
Intending to set up a live streaming web cam in New York, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen, having groups of
artists participate online, the performance seeks to further broaden the perception and perspectives of the
complex issues of migration, globalization, and presence in all the locations.


Jennifer Nelson [Greece]
Lives in Athens, Greece

Gallery Exhibitions (selected)
e v +a invited, - Limerick, Ireland, Katerina Gregos, curator
Feminine Sexuality - Les Bains:: Connective, Brussels, Belgium
Info-Booth: Post-traumatic Institute - Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles
for Social Satisfaction
The 10th Amendment Project-Carl Berg Gallery, Los Angeles
Marking Time-Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions and Getty Museum, Los Angeles
medi@terra International Technology and Art Festival, Byzantine Museum, Athens
100 Artists See God-International Curators Exhibition Baldessari and Cranston, curators - anti-contemporary art festival Kuopio, Finland
Compilation I -Kunsthalle Düsseldorf- Rosa Barber, Jeanne Faust, Jennifer Nelson
Stuff from LA and Other Places-Christine Koenig Gallery, Vienna, Skip Arnold,
curator An Interest In Life Apex Gallery, New York
A Show that will show that a show is not only a show
The Project, Los Angeles, Jens Hoffman, curator
Beyond Music Sound Festival-Beyond Baroque Foundation, Los Angeles
WWJD-Cherrydelosreyes Gallery, Los Angeles
Full Nelson-Performance Festival at the Palace Theater, Los Angeles
Perch-Ancillary - Diannepruess Gallery, Chinatown, Los Angeles
SEEING Los Angeles County Museum-Lab
Enthusiast C-level, Los Angeles
Beyond Baroque-Working Group Beyond Baroque Foundation, Los Angeles
Song Poems Cohan Leslie and Browne Gallery, New York
Girls, Girls, Girls Hartsook House Gallery, Los Angeles
LA Edge Festival Bergamot Station, Los Angeles
Time Time Time Durational Performance Festival, 12-hour performance, Toronto
MFA Thesis Exhibition New Wight Gallery UCLA, Los Angeles
Elevator Steffany Martz Gallery, New York, Mungo Thompson curator
Seven Videotapes Ursala Krinzinger Gallery, Vienna, Paul McCarthy, curator

Actions (selected)
Harmonic Engagement 3 part, site-specific, operatic debates
Beyond Baroque Working Group on-going collective experiments
Practicing McCarthy study and instructional sessions
Attempted Symmetry in an Asymmetrical World Month-long attempt at symmetrical living
Symmetrical Eating Instructions Performances at UCLA Art Graduate Studios
The Office Team Temps 3-day performance with hired temporary workers, Los Angeles
Business Walk 8-hour performance at California Plaza, Los Angeles
Clock Performance with Glen Redpath, part of the “NAFTA Series”, San Miguel, Mexico

Experimental Choreographies
Her Topia Choreographic video, collaboration with Christos Hassapis/ Giannis Nikolau, for a dance architecture project by Carol Brown/Dorita Hannah, Athens, Greece
Dekalogue-Bill of Rights On-going inquiries into the social choreography between private and public bodies in the US Bill of Rights
Pre-emptive Engagements Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, circulatory exercises with Michael Wilson/NatalieZimmerman
Miss UCLA Y2K Royce Hall, Los Angeles producer/director Micol Hebron
Motion Studies on-going experimental film
director Mark Wilson
Watersong Le Grütli , Geneva Switzerland dance collaboration with Cindy Van Acker Air Pockets and Other Moments Ballet du Grand Théatre de Genève's ‘Young Choreographers’ Geneva, Switzerland, dance collaboration with Stijn Celis

2003 Guggenheim Fellow for Visual Arts
2003 Artist in residence- Stiftung Laurenz-Haus, Basel, Switzerland

Curatorial Projects
Psychic Disobedience and Esoteric Acts
Video/game exhibit, parallel event e v +a, Ireland
Library of Social Manifestations Open-call library in conjunction with Daghdha Dance Company and e v +a, Limerick Ireland

Publications and Bibliography (selected)
Kotsaras, Dimitri/Nelson, Jennifer, “The Limerick Cookbook”, e v + a, Ireland, 2006
“Feminine Sexuality”, ed. Blavier/Donck/Rossi, La Trame asbl., 2006
“Heartways – The Exploits of Genny O”, ed. Rita McBride/Erin Cosgrove, Arsenal Pulp Press, 2004
Nelson, Jennifer, “Reality Needs Changing”, Memorycage Editions, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, 2003
“Corporate Mentality”, ed. Mir, Aleksandra, Lukas & Sternberg, New York, 2003
Michely, Viola, ‘Compilation I’, Kunstforum, Germany, March-May 2003
revival!, Issue 3, ed. Jennifer Nelson/Michael Wilson/Natalie Zimmerman,
Post-traumatic Institute for Social Satisfaction Press, Los Angeles, 2002
revival!, Issue 2, ed. Jennifer Nelson/Michael Wilson/Natalie Zimmerman
Post-traumatic Institute for Social Satisfaction Press, Los Angeles, 2001
revival!, Issue 1, ed. Jennifer Nelson/Michael Wilson/Natalie Zimmerman
Post-traumatic Institute for Social Satisfaction Press, Los Angeles, 2000
Murakami, Takeshi, ‘1998 Fall L.A. Art Scene News’, Studio Voice Multi-Media Mix Magazine, Japan, December, 1998
Thompson, Mungo, ‘Elevator’ catalogue, Steffany Martz Gallery, 1998×tamp=20041105


Hellenic International Studies in the Arts, Paros, Greece Studio for Interrelated Media: “Odyssey, Perception and Time-based Media” Theories of Art

Guest Lecturer
Limerick School of Art and Design, Limerick Ireland The Limerick Cookbook
Hochschule der Gestaltung, Basel Presenting an American – a talk about recent work and influences
Hammer Museum, Los Angeles and Vid/Art, UCLA Manifesto for November 19th-
a talk about recent work and influences

Art Workshops
C-Level Gallery, Los Angeles Psychic Disobedience –Workshop for Artists
Developer and facilitator of the following workshops for the Beyond Baroque Working Group
Traumatic Re-enactments Game
Experiments in Multi-Nodal Thinking

Co-founder of the Post-traumatic Institute for Social Satisfaction
Member of the Beyond Baroque Working Group

Professional Dance Experience (selected)
Dancer - Ballet du Grand Théatre de Genève, Geneva Switzerland
Gradimir Pankov, director
Dancer - Feld Ballet, NYC
Eliot Feld, director/choreographer

MFA University of California, Los Angeles Department of Art- New Genres John Baldessari, Chris Burden, Paul McCarthy advisors
BFA San Francisco Art Institute, New Genres Kathy Acker, Paul Kos advisors
École Supérieure d'Art Visuel, Geneva 3-dimensional work
École des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris: Summer workshop in Bordeaux Thierry de Duve director

Education- Movement/Performance
Ballet: Maggie Black, The Joffrey Workshop, Pennsylvania Ballet School, Evanston School of Ballet
Contemporary: Ohad Naharin, Mari Kajiwara
Butoh: Minako Seki, Yumiko Yoshioka
Boxing: Sonny Marson, Ernie Marson
T’ai chi: Mr. Leung
Yoga: Jasmine Lieb, Chuck Miller, Alexander Technique

Jeremy Hiah [Singapore]

Juliana Yasin [Singapore]

Juliana Yasin is Singaporean and she was a student at Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore from 1989-1990. She left the college halfway to pursue her studies in Western Australia in 1993. She graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art from Claremont Art School (T.A.F.E) and Bachelor of Visual Arts from Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. An active member of The Artists Village and Plastique Kinetic Worms, she is also the Singapore based researcher with Asia Art Archive in Hong Kong. She has worked with Plastique Kinetic Worms as a gallery administrator and taught at Central Saint Martins (The London Institute) based at Kolej Bandar Utama in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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