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Nani Kahar [ Malaysia]

Nezaket Ekici [Germany/ Turkey]
Performance : "Apeiron"
[This Performance is very new,
She did last month in Germany and people was impressed.
It works with Art historian context.
It is suerall and very intense]

16-17-18 December 2006
JatiwangiArtFair [JaF]-Cirebon
Artist in Residency

Motivation and Idea
In the performance/Installation “Monsun” The artist wants to present a dream like situation. This performance deals with dreams, which is represented by a virtual rain, caused by the dripping of water of wet clothes, placed all in the exibition room. As the water drips down, it also hits the umbrella. Normally one can not hear the dripping water, dispite one stands very near to this place. The artist wants to the viewer to become a part of this dream by involving him not only by means of visibility but also accustically.
This scence is unreal, although it is composed of real elements. As well a dream includes those elements, what perhaps will allow the viewer to follow the artist for a short time into his dream world. Eventhough surreal impressions dominate this work, a social meaning is implicit. The clothes in the exibition, normally standing for the picture a person gives of himself in public, now turns out to be nothing but a useless and dysfunctional inhabitant of exibition room. It is a confrontation of aspects created by human culture and the nature itself, symbolized real grass. The clothes try hard to become more natural by storage up water.

The artist moves slowly under the clothings, holding an umbrella. In exibitionroom wet clothes places under the ceiling with a metal string construction. The water drips down, while the artist is standing under the field of real grass, with an open umbrella in her hand. The sound of the dripping water is enhanced by a microphone placed at the top of the inner side of the umbrella.
Duration of the Performance: 1 hour

40 clothes or more are with coathanger is installed under ceiling with a metal string construction.. The dress will hang wet.
In the umbrella is installated func microphone.
About boxes is installed near to exibition room, you will hear the sound drops around.

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